About the partner:

The mission of Tata STRIVE is to develop the capacity to train youth for gaining employment, entrepreneurship and community enterprise. Tata STRIVE aims to reach out to a large number of youth with its training programs which are of high quality. The focus of the training is equally on technical and non-technical skills with a special emphasis on practical experience for enhancing productivity, imbibing quality and ensuring safety. It's unique youth development modules prepare youth to face the challenges of the workplace and be able to manage themselves with confidence. It has invested in processes that match individuals with their interests, created a technology platform that manages the entire skilling value chain from registration to placement of a student.

Details of partnership:
  • Capacity Building of 100 Faculty through ECF (Empowerment Coaching for Facilitators)
  • 180 Unemployed / Underprivileged youth to be skilled and shown employment 
  • College Faculty who are passionate about teaching
  • Students who have completed Intermediate and Graduation but are unemployed and underprivileged and searching for a job.
Benefits for the beneficiaries:
  • For Faculty – Coaching Skill
  • For Youth – Skilling and Job.
How to avail the benefits:
  • For Faculty - Being a part of TASK-registered College
  • For Youth – Unemployed and Underprivileged.
Validity of partnership:

2nd Febuary 2020