Salesforce University

About the partner:

Salesforce began with the vision of reinventing Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Since then they’ve changed the way enterprise software is delivered and used, changing the industry forever. All Salesforce products run entirely in the cloud so there are no expensive setup costs, no maintenance and employees can work from any device with an internet connection – smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Details of partnership:

The Telangana Academy for Skill and Knowledge (TASK) has signed MoU with Salesforce Academic Alliance Program and Salesforce Developer Relations to provide valuable Salesforce skills for more than 2,000 students and 100 faculty members over the next two years.

The Salesforce Academic Alliance Student Program will enable the next generation of business leaders by bringing cloud computing training and certification into students’ hands in partnership with Governments, universities, colleges and not-for-profit organizations.

Through a combination of instructor led training from Salesforce University and self-guided learning from Trailhead, 3rd and 4th year students will receive the same training we offer our customers.

  • Instructor-led classes are developed from the Salesforce University curriculum and have been tested and validated by a wide range of organizations, from startups and nonprofits to companies in the Fortune 500.
  • Self-guided learning is delivered via Trailhead, the interactive, gamified, hands-on learning a platform that empowers everyone to learn Salesforce skills.
  • Student’s opting-into the program have the opportunity to acquire skills in:
  • Basics of customizing Salesforce to support common business processes and practices
  • Building desktop and mobile applications for Salesforce

B.E / B.Tech students pursuing 3rd year and 4th year of graduation in:

  • Computer Science and Engineering
  • Information Technology
  • Electronics and Communications Engineering
Benefits for the beneficiaries:


  • Cost effective opportunity to gain in-demand skills.
  • Time effective program designed to adapt to learner’s pace.
  • Potential to acquire an internationally recognized certification credential.
  • Opportunity to improve career prospects/progression with high demand and up to date Salesforce skills.
  • Access to the Salesforce community – the community of the world's #1 CRM.

Education Provider:

  • Capacity for rapid roll out and ability to scale quickly.
  • Multiple channels offered to suit different learning styles and enable ongoing skills uptake.
  • Leverage the Salesforce training org –access to the most up-to-date environments and content.
S. No.


Declarative Development for Platform App Builders


40 hours


Programmatic Development Using Apex and Visual force


40 hours

How to avail the benefits:

For more details regarding this program, contact your concerned TPO / TASK coordinator

Validity of partnership:

14th November  2018