About the partner:

Safran Electrical & Power India Pvt. Ltd. is an international aerospace company and TIER-1 supplier of systems and equipment in the aerospace and defence markets, but not limited to electrical wiring systems. It is operating worldwide and is keen to start its electrical harnessing plant manufacturing operations in Telangana   

Details of partnership:

TASK and SAFRAN E&P collaborate to skill the Polytechnic students from TASK registered colleges in Telangana in Aerospace Sector and provide employment/Internship opportunities to them.


Polytechnic Students from TASK registered colleges in Telangana.

Benefits for the beneficiaries:

These students get skilled in Aerospace sector and also would qualify for employment/Internship opportunities in SAFRAN. 

How to avail the benefits:

For more details regarding this program, call: 04048488275 or email:

Validity of partnership:

10th March 2023