About the partner:

 CDAC Hyderabad Centre was engaged to work as a Research, Development and Training center embracing the latest Hardware & Software Technologies in multiple areas of IECT. The centre is focused to carry out Research, Design & Development on various thematic areas in Professional Electronics (VLSI, Embedded Systems, ESDM, Ubiquitous Computing, Wireless & High Speed Networks), Cyber Security, Software Applications & Services (e-Learning, Supply Chain Management, Vikaspedia, Information Security Education and Awareness, Multilingual technology) and Education & Training.

Details of partnership:

Having built the competency in the areas of electronic system design & development, embedded systems, e-security, high performance computing and software solutions by CDAC, Hyderabad, it was felt that CDAC could provide technology partnership & support to TASK in conducting joint academic programs (Non-formal) and collaborate in areas to complement each other's strengths. With this realization, CDAC, Hyderabad, and TASK agree to work jointly in the following areas of IECT:

  • Electronic System Design & Manufacturing
  • VLSI & Embedded Systems
  • Cyber Security & Information Security Awareness
  • Web Technologies & Mobile Computing

Faculty & Students

Benefits for each of the beneficiary:

Students can undergo Internship & STCC program and for faculty can upgrade their skills and knowledge by Faculty Updation Programs

How to avail the benefits:

CDAC will provide the schedules which will be shared among the colleges registered. The beneficiary has to pay the applicable fee to avail the benefits

Validity of partnership:

3rd April 2019