To discover, nurture and refine tech product ideas (and tech-product-entrepreneurs) from engineering students in a guided structured summer program that will end with a demo prototype of the idea. Create excitement around ideas, products and product entrepreneurship.


  • Based on the industry 2-year-projections survey, industry has recommended focusing on the Software Product Development QP (that also allows lateral transition to the IT and BPM QPs). The specific courses are now being discussed and will soon be defined for addition to the curriculum. With focus on active industry participation in the definition, faculty development and continuous-assessment through TASK. With the courses having a strong practical content in workshop mode.
  • A summer workshop for Product engineering has been proposed, to be initiated immediately as a pilot. The summer workshop will be considered as equivalent to the 2-credit ‘Industry oriented mini-project’.
  • This will soon be part of the JNTU curriculum as a summer course to be continued as the final year project. Immediately objective is to build appreciation and practical understanding of product engineering. With a secondary objective of seeding new startups through products proposed and prototyped in the workshop.

Colleges will be required to nominate two faculty members for the program. That will be trained by the industry in software product development, and will be part of the summer workshop for the 400 selected students. Colleges are required to nominate representative of the management, Principal and two HODs for the launch and orientation event proposed to be held around Feb 15 (date and venue will be notified).



An 4 week product-startup internship program to have 3rd year students work as teams on a product idea prototype. Build the first business and demo prototype of their product idea. Leveraging talks and mentors made available by the program. At the end of the program, a demo day to be organized at Hackers summit.

Limited intake – Only 25 Colleges. Teams and ideas to be screened for entrepreneurial interest and merit in their initial ideas.

Key Elements of Program

  • Tech Product Ideas
    • Focus on tech ideas. Preferably with a strong innovation/technology/research basis. Teams nominated from each college
  • Students to get internship, certificate and placement assistance
    • Participants to have a dedicated Recruitment event with handsome pay package
    • Internship certificate and product-entrepreneurship program certificate
    • Nominating Colleges to agree for work to be their final year project
    • Extended mentorship after program.
    • Top 10 teams that ‘complete’ the prototype will be offered follow on mentorship for a year through hyd4innovation at one of 5 incubation centers – IIIT, IIT, BITS, ISB or TiE
    • The final teams to have an opportunity to pitch their ideas and demonstrate prototypes at HackersSummit
  • Extended Startup Prototyping event
    • Basic format is a stretched startup-weekend
    • Non-Residential program at JNTU (Six days a week- 9.00 am – 4.30 pm)
    • A structured 4 week program, with deliverables each week. And regular talks and mentoring sessions 
  • Screening: combination of academics, product idea, entrepreneurial interest
    • Teams and ideas to be screened for entrepreneurial interest and merit in their initial ideas. Based on questions answered at registration
    • Open to colleges in Hyderabad. College to nominate three teams from each college and two faculty members
  • Weekly structured program- few talks, daily deliverables
    • Work in one room, fixed time
    • Daily Updates & Weekly Update
    • Demo every Saturday to program coordinators
  • Team: Dedicated Coordinators from JNTU and TASK will be available full time apart from technology mentors (resident as well as visiting )
  • Finale event in 4th week
    • Final Presentations at Hacker Summit. H4I will be there. Will invite all Incubators. And faculty advisors from colleges that have teams at the event

Outline of program

  • Pre event:
    • Nomination to be submitted with an idea title, idea description, each team members views on product-entrepreneurship, and a college’s letter
    • Teams will be encouraged to build on their idea before start of program
  • Week 1: Idea, strawman outline, market, competition
    • Start with a 1 week intense ideation phase to arrive at and refine the product idea, and get basic market validation. As precursor to the 6 week implementation and final week guided pitch prep
    • Come up with scope, target markets, opportunity, competition, USP, phase wise implementation plan
  • Week 2: Product definition
    • Product design mentorship: definition, market validation, architecture, design, leveraging cloud and more
  • UX mentorship: UI and UX designers will be invited to interact and mentor teams
  • Week 3-4: Implement the product, weekly demo and validation, and the startup-bootcamp
    • Startup Bootcamp: Program, interspersed with startup and product entrepreneurship lectures, which will be applied practically by the teams on their product ideas.
  • Mentorship: Regular mentorship to be made available. Visiting Mentors from start-ups and Industry leaders and dedicated resident mentors
  • Demo day: At the end of the program, a demo to be organized at Hacker summit
  • Grand finale at the end of 4 weeks culminating with Hacker Summit (a la IdeaCarnival)