TASK - Young Warrior - Youth-led Movement to Combat COVID-19


Telangana Academy for Skill and Knowledge (TASK) in collaboration with YoungWarrior initiated a wonderful health education program in Telangana State called

"TASK – Young Warrior – Youth-led Movement to Combat COVID-19" 

Prevention is better than cure.

If we informed by a trusted source and trained/certified volunteers to prevent and slow down the transmission of the COVID-19 virus, I firmly believe that the country

will be safe through us and our neighbors.

As a devastating second wave of COVID-19 sweeps across India, the current situation presents an urgent call to action to engage the enormous potential of our youth

in the fight against COVID-19.

Young People (10 to 30 years) - best hope to lead & with a little support, they can do more

The ask to each young person is simple. Each young person enrolls 10 more and pledges to take specified action to protects themself, their family, and their

neighborhood against COVID-19.

We have set up a variety of Platforms for you to easily move.

  • Community Radio
  • Virtual Multi-media Library
  • Mental Health Sessions
  • Capacity Building Webinars
  • Chat-bot on WhatsApp, Facebook & Telegram
  • IVRS (Missed Call)

Youth-led Actions through low-tech & no tech platforms:

  • CertificateLow tech chatbot
  • Available on WhatsApp, Facebook & Telegram
  • Conveys verified information & tasks in a gamified format
  • Available in 11 regional languages
  • No internet, just issue a missed call
  • Conveys verified information in an interactive format
  • Available in 11 regional languages
  • 300 Community Radio Stations
  • No internet or device
  • Targeting rural India  


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